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Welcome to Prestige Vision, a global services powerhouse with roots firmly planted in the stunning landscapes of British Columbia, Canada. Since our establishment in 2008, we have transcended conventional boundaries, evolving into more than just a company – we are the architects of innovation and the purveyors of cutting-edge sales tools and software.

At our core, we are not just pioneers in 360 Virtual Tours and VR; we are sculptors of the future, shaping the sales landscape with a relentless commitment to excellence. While our expertise spans various sectors, from marine and private aviation to medical, education, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, manufacturing, and real estate development, our true passion lies in crafting solutions that elevate the sales journey for our clients.

Sales, for us, is a science—a dynamic realm where continuous learning is our driving force. Our team, though small, is a global force united by a shared vision: to create and refine tools that empower our clients to revolutionize their sales cycles. Whether it’s a sunrise on the Pacific coast or the lights of a bustling city, we undertake projects anywhere, anytime, delivering transformative results for some of the most influential companies worldwide.

Choosing Prestige Vision Inc. as your partner means embracing a commitment to excellence. Our dedication knows no bounds, and when you decide to collaborate with us, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re welcoming a devoted ally into your journey—one that is unwaveringly dedicated and always striving for perfection. Join us in shaping the future of sales, where innovation meets dedication, and success becomes a shared story.

Anticipating the opportunity to connect, understand your challenges, and seamlessly collaborate for mutual success. Let's embark on this journey together!

Our Team



A global leader in marine sales training. Originally from France and now based on Vancouver Island, Vincent combines international expertise with a focus on maritime excellence. Leading Prestige Vision, he pioneers marine sales training and advances virtual tour technology and sales tools. As the founder of Yacht Sales Academy, Vincent redefines success in the maritime industry through global insight and entrepreneurial spirit while setting new standards in marine sales worldwide.



A born entrepreneur with a distinctive flair for creative design and system development. Thriving in the arena of challenging projects, Michael revels in the dynamic interplay of people and ideas. His enthusiasm for technology is not just a passion—it’s a compass guiding us towards an exciting future crafted through innovation and forward-thinking. When Michael is at the helm, expect a fusion of entrepreneurial spirit, creative prowess, and a boundless vision for the limitless possibilities that technology unfolds.


Campaign manager

Simone has played a pivotal role in securing over 15,000 leads for our clients. When he’s not at the computer, you’ll find him skillfully shooting virtual tours for yachts and private jets around the world. With over 10 years of experience as a captain on a midsize yacht, Simone brings a wealth of knowledge gained from his extensive travels to numerous boat shows worldwide.



Paul is a seasoned superyacht listing copywriter, blending his expertise in direct response marketing with a profound understanding of the yachting industry. Through his mastery of salesmanship and the art of translating it seamlessly onto the printed page, Paul consistently crafts compelling listings that not only showcase the unique features of each superyacht but also expertly generate an ongoing stream of high-quality leads.

"I have been in my role with Sabre Yachts for almost 20 years now and before that I worked for beneteau for another 10. In my 30 years in this business, I have never received more prompt, courteous, accurate and complete service from any marketing supplier"
Bentley Collins
Sabre Yachts

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