360° Virtual Meeting
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Online product demonstration is more important than ever. Present your product on a new synchronized virtual tour + video experience from your home or office!

Sales System

Change the way you sell your products by using our brand-new online app that combines the 360 virtual tour with a 1-on-1 video meeting with your clients plus a built-in sales assist tool to make your showing and sales presentation more effective.

Our new and innovative sales tool will allow you to show and sell your product to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, which is an absolute must in today’s ever changing market.

Meet Virtually

Create and manage your virtual meetings with ease from the comfort of your home or office. Schedule and invite your prospects to meet you at the virtual space of their interest. Take a complete walk-through with prospect as if you both were there. As simple a click, request to take control of the virtual space. This creates a shared experience and a sales presentation where you guide the client through the virtual space while showing details or answering question via live video and chat.

Sales Assist Tool

In addition, the app features a sales assist tool to help your sales team be more effective during the process. For our marine clients, the on-demand sales tips and strategies are provided by Yacht Sales Academy (who has trained 5000+ marine sales pro over the last 5 years). The sales tool gives sales professionals specific how-to advice at their fingertips on qualifying, presenting, negotiating, closing and follow-up.

"I have been in my role with Sabre Yachts for almost 20 years now and before that I worked for beneteau for another 10. In my 30 years in this business, I have never received more prompt, courteous, accurate and complete service from any marketing supplier"
Bentley Collins
Sabre Yachts

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