Tiara Money Slot Overview

While mental images of wealthy debutantes and foreign duchesses are probably the first to come to mind at the mention of Tiara slot, this casino slot has little to do with the glamorous world of the infamous second half. At least in terms of thematic approach and icons. So, if you were expecting to see a lot of status symbols scattered across the reels, think again. A plain, old, traditional fruit machine is all you get.

But this is actually good news for many players, especially since retro is back in vogue and many traditional fruit machines are being revisited for inspiration. Slot machine fans will have at least a couple of classic fruit-themed games up their sleeve, and occasionally, when the three-dimensional animated and updated slots become too overwhelming, it's easy to find regular and basic options hidden behind the glitz and glamour of new-age. Not to mention a 97.81% RTP.

Looking at it from this perspective, the Tiara is one of the rare true representatives of the Liberty Bell and its offspring, reducing the game to a minimum and the familiar fruit symbols - plum, cherry, orange, lemon, grape, watermelon, 7 and one symbol to rule them all - the wild crown (Tiara) that justifies the game name.

Who's it for?

Traditionalists and all those who aren't confused by the simplicity of such basic slots - and, mind you, there are many players who prefer linear games, without any distractions such as game selection, counters or collectibles. Tiara is a simple matter of "win and cash out" or increase your winnings using the slot's double play feature.

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