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We Believe Our Clients Are #1

Every company claims to have a different approach

Every company claims to have high integrity….

Every company claims to be the number one…

But do you know who is really the number one?

The real number ones are not the companies or brands, but the clients they are working for.

The people buying the boats/yachts/planes and making those industries possible. When you decide to work with us, you AND your clients’ success will be our priority.

We Don’t Believe in Win/Win...

Look up the word “customer” and look up the word “client” in the dictionary. “Customer” is defined as “someone who buys a commodity or a service.”

“Client” is defined as “someone who’s under the care and the protection of another.”

 When we work together, we will always want to establish a client relationship and not a customer relationship. We are not looking for a win/win situation. 

When we partner with you, we believe in a 100% win FOR YOU. When someone has a win/win in mind, they hold a precise agenda. They are primarily interested in their own success and want to use you as a vehicle/tool/resource to get what they want.

Our philosophy is very counter-intuitive. This is why we have worked with over 400 builders and manufacturers in the yachting and private aviation industries over the last nine years.

We Don't Believe in Traditional Selling

Selling is not about taking but about giving. In fact, if you study the semantic of the word selling, it comes from an old English root of the word “sell”, “sellan” that means “to give”.

We don’t sell services or products at Prestige Vision Inc, we give advice and solutions in a more consultative approach.

We Don't Offer Many Solutions...

We only offer 4 types of services but you can be sure that we will provide you with the ultimate results.

We have a passion and thorough understanding of your industry. Our founder is also a sales & marketing expert who founded Yacht Sales Academy (over 500 enrolled students & 2500+ sales professionals subscribed), so we understand the fundamentals and challenges of your market.

In other words, we are specialists with a holistic approach.

When you work with us you get our strategies, expertise, and abilities – not just for one aspect of your project, but for ALL aspects. We are well-seasoned sales and marketing experts who excel in social media, design, and development.

We have proven results with over 400 clients worldwide for sales, marketing, and sales funnel creation.

Yes, we are that weird unicorn you’ve been looking for!

It is ABSOLUTELY critical that you fill out an application TODAY, if you want to work with us in July/August. That’s our current waiting list, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Our Services

1. Sales Accelerator Funnel Design & Strategy

Are you looking to generate qualified leads for your yacht, boat, or private jet?

The Sales Accelerator Funnel Design & Strategy option might be what you need.

We’ve generated 11,653 qualified leads that have resulted in dozens of millions of dollars in sales.

We work closely with you and your team to create a lead generation strategy, then put that plan into action through a lead generation funnel that will generate responsive leads for your products 24/7.

We will write a landing page copy that grabs attention and keeps the viewer on the page, design the landing page nicely to make your products stand out, design advertisements that don’t feel salesy, create new opportunities for leads, place tracking pixels to give you intel on your best prospects, run and manage your campaigns, and also provide a monthly report on the results.

Typically, clients work with us for approximately 10-16 weeks and prices start at around $5000.

Prerequisites: Clients have preferably already run a few digital campaigns in the past, have existing line of products, and are already active on social media. Clients must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions during the building phase, then from there on, once a month for checkups and reports.

Our promises to you: Easy month to month agreement, guaranteed 40+ leads a month, and a 40% minimum response rate.

2. A.I Accelerator Targeting

(this service is only available in the USA).

Do you know the biggest problem in marketing?  You have to advertise to the haystack in order to sell to the needles.

In every marketplace, doesn’t matter if it’s pet grooming or buying yachts and private jets, only 3% of that particular marketplace is ready to buy right now. This means that 97% of all your precious dollars spent on advertising is being wasted.

What’s the solution?

Stop advertising to the 97% (Haystack) and start advertising to the 3% (Needles) that are in the market for your product! Every 5 to 10 years there’s a new marketing discovery that completely changes the game, and our A.I Accelerator Targeting is one of them!

Right now, we’re currently tracking 225M Americans across 5 billion URLs. We track them based on URL navigations, keyword searches, social behavior, mobile behavior, etc…
If you’re tired of getting the same old “I’m not in the market right now,” response from prospects, then the A.I Accelerator Targeting is what you need. This will reduce your lead acquisition cost from 25% to 75%. For the best results, we will combine our Sales Accelerator Funnel Service with the A.I Accelerator Targeting.
Clients typically work with us for a minimum of 12-16 weeks and prices depend on how many geographical locations you are looking to cover.

Prerequisites: You are currently running campaigns and are not happy with existing or paused campaigns. Company has an ad budget available and understands the importance of the right targeting. Client needs to be willing to meet a few times during the set up, from then on, once a month for checkups and reports.

Our promises to you: Easy month to month agreement, 25-75% decrease in lead acquisition cost, and higher quality leads that are actually “in the market”.

3. Titanium Follow Up Automation System

You have the leads, you might even have the sales team, but leads keep falling through the cracks every day, every week, every month. These are the leads that could have grown into mature, low hanging fruits. However, after being left, the leads would wither away and die, which in your world means losing the sale.

If only someone was there to keep an eye on them and “follow up” properly…

If you can relate to this, then the Titanium Follow Up Automation System might be the right fit for you.

We work with you and your sales team or manager to create an automated follow up system for new leads, old leads, current clients, past clients, and any type of person you need to get in contact with. We will also write all of the email copy that is designed to invoke responses, setup the automation software, provide extended support and training on how the system works, and find new opportunities within your business that hasn’t been taken advantage of to generate more qualified leads.

Typically, clients work with us for approximately 6 weeks and prices start around $5000. If you have a decent sized list, you might make the money back after the first campaign!

Prerequisites: An existing business that is currently bringing in revenue, is consistently generating leads, and has at least one full time sales person and 800 prospects in their database. Clients need to be willing to meet a few times during the set up and training phase, from then on, on-going support will be provided through email or phone.

4. Virtual Reality as Lead Magnet

If you are looking for something that gets people’s attention, shows your products to their best advantage, captures qualified leads, as well as engages and influences your prospects…

Then the Virtual Reality As Lead Magnet option might be the right fit for you. Over the last 10 years we have done over 3000 virtual reality projects for over 400 companies worldwide, including 5 Fortune 100s. Those sales tools have helped sell thousands of boats, yachts and private jets.

What’s the first thing a prospect typically asks you at a show? Can I step on board your boat, aircraft, etc…? Well, it’s the same on your website.

A Prestige Vision virtual tour is a fantastic way to showcase your fleet 24/7 online to their best advantage. Each tour comes with integrated lead generation system that you can deploy on your tour at anytime. We can also assist with projects using VR headsets such as Google cardboard, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, etc…

Give your prospects an immersive VR experience using a virtual reality headset. Use them as lead magnets- stand out and distribute them during shows or give them to your dealers to use as a sales tool.

Prerequisites: We can send our team of photographers to your shows, factories, and dealerships worldwide. We are present at the major shows around the world every year. Our typical photoshoot time is 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the boat/aircraft. Starting price depends on the size and location.

Our VR Lead Magnet Samples


We DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. That’s just not fair to ask of us since we are only part of the business equation. Our prices are fair and firm. Any client who has worked with us will tell you that we give you 1000% of our creative energy, quality, time, and expertise.

Your customers expect the best – So do ours.

We promise we will save you a ton of money that you might have spent on traditional campaigns, generalist agencies or marketing consultants that will tell you, “Oh we didn’t get you any leads or results but don’t worry, we are doing some branding.”

We are independent in the way we work and you can count on us to get the job right the first time with the best results. We have plenty of references that we would be happy to provide, should we get to that point in our budding relationship, and you can check out our client list at any time!

We will treat your business as if it’s our own, and so that means that we won’t work with just anyone.

We have a simple application form to fill out. We require this form to help save us time incase we’re not a good fit.

"I have been in my role with Sabre Yachts for almost 20 years now and before that I worked for beneteau for another 10. In my 30 years in this business, I have never received more prompt, courteous, accurate and complete service from any marketing supplier"
Bentley Collins
Sabre Yachts