Can you make a virtual tour of anything?
Yes. So far there was never a project that we were faced with and unable to do. Anything from tiny closets to vast spaces can be captured with photography and made into a virtual tour. Basically anywhere a camera can fit, will work. Our team of specialists will ensure you have an outstanding product and get excellent customer experience.
Do your virtual tours work on all devices?
Yes. Our virtual tours are built on a dual system that runs HTML5 as primary and falls back on Flash player if the device is old and does not support HTML5. Although some devices that are very old and do not possess enough computing power will struggle to play a virtual tour properly.
How can I embed a virtual tour into my website?
The easiest way to embed any virtual tour is to use an iframe embed html code.
Here is the Code:
<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src="URL HERE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
NOTE: You can change the "width" or "height" parameters to suite your need.
Is there any Security or Confidentiality measures for your virtual tours?
Yes. Prestige Vision has utmost respect for our clients and their clients confidentiality needs. We truly understand the importance it means to some client. That's why we provide our clients an access to an online virtual tour administration area where they can Enable/Disable projects, Add/Remove access credentials, and modify other project settings.
I don't want my clients to know Prestige Vision created my projects, is that possible?
Yes. We can white label your projects and/or only show your branding and links without any mention of Prestige Vision. If you are interested to work with us on an outsourcing basis, contact us to discuss it in detail.
Can I show my virtual tours from a subdomain of my website? (eg. myvirutaltours.mywebsite.com/ma1720)
Yes. You can set up a new subdomain to point it to show your virtual tours using the following steps:
  1. Open your domain registrar's control panel.
  2. Add the subdomain to the domain you are going to use.
  3. Open the DNS configurations for the new subdomain.
  4. Add a CNAME record and set the value to "cname.vrcloud.co".
  5. Wait for the changes to take place. This might take up to 24 hours.
Can I copy your virtual tours on a USB for promotional use?
Yes. We can provide you an offline version that does not require internet. The format is an SWF flash file and will play on any device that has a Flash player or a browser with Flash player plugin. Note! This version is not compatible to work online.
Can I host your virtual tours on my own web host?
No. Our virtual tours run on the VRCLOUD platform that utilizes cloud technology and flexible shared resources that ensure optimal speed/loading time. We conduct regular optimization, system improvements, and add new features to the platform to keep the system up to date.
How can I utilize Virtual Reality to benefit my business?
The purpose of a Virtual Reality is to allow anyone, anywhere to visit what you are trying to show or sell. Conventionally consumers look at pictures or videos about the product or establishment first and then they travel to see the it to have a final look before they commit to make a purchase. The issue with that is that pictures and video do not offer enough information to pre-qualify the consumer, so time is wasted for the consumer and the seller. Virtual Reality serves as a pre-qualifying and interest generating mechanism. Consumers have the freedom to step inside the product or establishment as many times as they want from the comfort of their home. They can share it with family and friends, get exited and prepared before they see the product physically and make a purchase. It is an excellent sales and marketing tool you can use to generate consumer awareness. The possibilities are ever growing with the rapidly evolving VR industry, so don't wait to be the last to jump on board. Best you get in touch with us and we can come up with a sound strategy to boost your sales and marketing today to ensure your success tomorrow. Call us now for a FREE 15 minute consultation! +1.250.585.2628
Can a virtual tour combine panoramas, still images, and videos?
Yes. Our virtual tours have capability to show popup content which can be still images or videos and even show addition text information along side the content.
Which industries do you work in?
We specialize in boating and corporate aviation and have done virtual tours in many other industries including manufacturing, medical, hospitality, real estate, museums to name a few. So whatever industry you are in, feel free to contact us for a free quote.
How much does a typical virtual tour cost?
Pricing depends on the type of project, amount of Photoshop involved, features and add-ons but also the number of photos needed in your virtual tour project. Pricing is always offered all-inclusive so you can be sure that there are no hidden costs. Transportation fees may be added depending on where the photoshoot will take place.
How long does it take to deliver the virtual tour?
Average delivery time varies from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the scope of the project.
Where can you travel to take the photos?
Our team has done virtual tours in the 5 continents. We have multiple qualified photographers around the world. We always try to send you our closest photographer to save you on transportation costs.
How long does it take to shoot the project?
On-site production time always depends on the facilities and type of project. Because we cannot use any external source of lighting for 360 photography, if the location is ready for capturing, we usually need 10 to 15 minutes per 360 scene.
Can you create a virtual tour from CGI renderings?
Yes. We have done multiple projects with CGI/Renderings. We do not create the CGI imagery in house but can either receive the files from you or a third party 3D company. You can have a look at an example of a CGI Virtual Tour here: http://VRCLOUD.co/ma1692
How long does the virtual tour take to load?
Of course ultimately it depends on the viewers internet connection, however our virtual tours are the fastest available. Our proprietary VRCLOUD platform utilizes a shared CORE system. In addition all content is being served from a cloud distribution network with the highest count of edge connections. Sounds complicated! well it means that whoever, wherever will load your Prestige Vision virtual tours from a server relatively close to them. As well, all of our content and images are optimized for web use offering the best quality and streaming capability.
How long does the virtual tour take to load?
Ultimately it depends on the viewers internet connection, however our virtual tours are faster than our competitors for 3 key reasons:
  1. Our proprietary VRCLOUD platform utilizes a shared dynamic core file system and client profile resources like graphics, fonts, and plugins.
  2. All content is being served from a cloud distribution network with the highest count of edge servers worldwide. It means that whoever, wherever will load your Prestige Vision virtual tours from a server relatively close to them.
  3. All of our images are optimized for web use offering the best quality and streaming capability.
Will the virtual tour match my brand identity?
Each virtual tour goes to our web designer who always makes sure to adapt the design and layout to match your website and brand image. Our programmer makes sure that your virtual tour window is responsive so it can be embedded on any custom website.
Will you charge me extra fees for changes made while finishing the virtual tour?
No. We always make sure to deliver a complete project you are fully satisfied with.
Can I share my virtual tour on email, social media or any other website?
Yes, absolutely. We designed our virtual tours to be sharable on any platform. Embed it, email it, share it, QC code, hyperlink, offline, the possibilities are limitless.
Does the virtual tour work on a DVD player?
No. The virtual tour is an interactive software that works on any device with a modern internet browser that supports HTML5 or Adobe Flash. Essentially any PC, Smart Phone, or Smart TV can play the virtual tour. Offline usage is also possible with any devices capable of playing flash SWF files.
Can the virtual tour be seen in video format?
Yes. We can record your virtual tour to a video format that you can post on YouTube, but it will be a non-interactive flat video. However, if you want 360 Interactive Video it can also be done depending on what type of project it is. Best you contact us for a FREE consultation and we can discuss your project in detail.
Is there any hosting fee associated with the virtual tour and how long will you host it for?
No. When you order a virtual tour from us, you receive complimentary hosting and maintenance from our proprietary VRCLOUD system. We have been doing virtual tours since 2007 and all our previous virtual tours are still online and hosted at no charge for all our clients.
What is VRCLOUD?
VRCLOUD is virtual tour creation & hosting platform. It utilizes cloud computing and cloud distribution to provide agile and flexible virtual tour delivery. Along with a dynamic core and shared file system that ensures optimal loading time. As well allowing editing project settings and setting up security.
What is the difference between a 360 video and a 360 virtual tour?
A 360 video brings motion into a virtual reality experience. It is a combination of thousands of panoramic images played in sequence. It consists of a full sphere 360 video footage that showcases your product in action or markets your event in motion with the ultimate user experience and interaction.
How many virtual tour have you done?
We have done over 2000 virtual tours over the last 8 years for over 300 clients worldwide.
What if my virtual tour stops working?
Because our database of virtual tours is connected to our VRCLOUD system, they are monitored daily. We conduct regular optimization and system improvements to keep the platform working and your virtual tours constantly up to date.
Can I have music, voice over or any other features added to my virtual tour?
Yes. We can add maps, popups, audio, video, and text to your virtual tour. We can even build you a custom plugin that will provide you with the features you require.
Why should I use your company?
We have been in the virtual tour business for over 8 years, so we truly understand what our clients need and how to get it done. We have a "contract for services" in place to protect the rights of our clients. We developed the most robust system to host and showcase virtual tours worldwide. We are insured, experienced and have a team of dedicated photographers, programmers & designers. We do virtual tours for over 300 clients worldwide including 4 Fortune 100. Most importantly, we are passionate about this industry and our client's success. We are driven to innovate on a regular basis.
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